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June 2006:


Workshop "Assessment of Vietnamese NPL market and policy recommendations" at Cat-Ba Island on 29th Jun 2006 upon the successfulness of DATC project.



(More pictures: Opening speech - Mr. Loi's presentation - PMU & Consultants)



Mr. Hoang Tien Loi was invited as a guess lecture in the seminar of "Risk Management in Banking" organised by AusAID and ADS Pre-departure Project at Press Club (25th Jun 2006)





DBJ/JERI, Mekong and DAF organise the seminar "DAF's current issues and the operational strategy for transforming to Vietnam Development Bank" at Horizon Hotel (HANOI) on 21st Jun 2006 upon the successfulness of DAF project.



(More pictures: PMU  &  Consultants  -  DBJ/JERI  &  MEKONG)



May 2006:


Mr. Hoang Tien Loi and Mr. Lampross Vassiliou run a training course for DATC on NPLs resolvency within DATC project.



April 2006:


Mr. Hoang Tien Loi (Director of Mekong) took part in the fifth Forum for Asian Insolvency Reform (FAIR) which was held in Beijing on 27-28 April 2006 and organized by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).



February 2006:


Mekong cooperates with DBJ/JERI for training course at DAF within DAF project.



(More pictures: Consultants' meeting  -  Consulting team  -  Discussion  -  Attendants)